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Luxury Picnic for Less

Can you have the Luxury Picnic Experience with a  Large Guest Count?

Luxury Picnics aka Boho Picnics aka Pop up Picnics have been on trend for a good 4 years. By now, most of us have been invited to one, or at least marvelled at their beauty in a local park. Here in Brisbane, Queensland, we think they’re still one of the the best ways to enjoy our beautiful parks and backyards – affordable, comfortable and elegant. However, once you start getting over 40 guests, the per person cost for a set up complete with grazing, florals and individual place settings can start to add up.

At Heart Heart Events we like to offer options to suit any style of event and budget, and that’s why for Jasmine’s 30th we suggested a “scattered seating” style event with rugs, cushions, low tables and simple styling, plus stand alone self serve grazing and drink stations, in her unique “vintage style”. Not only does this save money but it can save space too! And everyone will still enjoy delicious grazing with a glassware to suit their drink choice, plus it invites lots more mingling than when you are all sat at a table. 

We’d love to help design your next special event with you – get in touch today!

A collage of grazing table and drink station at a backyard picnic

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