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What style of wedding is best for us?

How do I start the wedding planning?

There is a lot of different terminology when it comes to defining your wedding, and while every wedding is entirely personal, it can be helpful – particularly when sourcing vendors – to understand some of the industry definitions and explanations for the ‘type of wedding’ you are planning.

The first decisions you’ll need to make is your budget and guest count. Then decide what is your priority. The biggest cost factor is generally going to be your guest count. If your budget is modest but you don’t wish to sacrifice sharing the day with all of your loved ones, you might consider a “backyard wedding” or “Pop up Wedding”. We can help!

If your budget is modest but your priority is luxury and comfort you might consider an elopement or micro wedding. we can help!

Below is a broad understanding of these different wedding types. Hope it helps!

You may wish to download our Small Wedding Packages document to see how we can help create your ultimate wedding experience with and / or for you! All of these wedding types are aimed at budgets from $2000-$20,000 AUD (including everything from your attire to your drinks list)

Elopement – 2 to 4 people

Traditionally this is just the couple and two witnesses (which could just be your stylist and photographer). The major benefit of eloping is precious time and money spent on just the love birds. You can invest in fabulous florals and your ideal foodie experience, invest in your outfits, florals and styling and arrange the perfect photographer to capture you stress-free enjoying  the ultimate love experience. Essentially it’s ALL ABOUT YOU, it’s stress free, and looks and feels exactly as you want.

Average total budget $2500

Micro Wedding – 4 to 40 people

A micro wedding – made hugely popular during covid times – is the couple plus a handful of faves to celebrate and share the day with. This could be a guest count of 4 or 40. The benefits of a micro wedding is often having the ceremony and reception in the one space or nearby – perhaps a ceremony and picnic reception at your home, or a short ceremony in a park nearby and your favourite restaurant as your reception venue. The options are endless, really! We are here to help pull it all together for you. And of course the smaller guest count means a smaller bill. This type of wedding is often favoured by a casual couple that want an easy but beautiful affair, or the couple that want to spoil themselves and their favourites with the best and most luxurious their budget can afford. We love a micro wedding and we’d love to help you get started in your planning – we can offer some or all of the bits that make up your perfect day. Peep our Small Weddings doc here.

Average total budget $10k – $15k

Pop Up Wedding – 20 to 60 people

Different wedding planners have different definitions of a pop up wedding. To some, a Pop Up Wedding is essentially a Micro Wedding but planned in a shorter timeframe, with a slightly higher guest count – from 40-60 people. For us it’s often a shorter timeframe with less customisation than a micro wedding and possibly a few more guests – our Small Weddings Packages are a great place to start. We can pull together all of the other components (celebrant etc) to create the perfect Pop Up Wedding Package for you.

At Heart Heart Events we will ask a series of questions about how you would like your wedding to look and feel and put together several complete packages based on your answers, where everything is organised for you —from creating a stunning ceremony space to managing logistics and assembling a team of vendors. All the couple needs to do is choose a date and times, answer a few questions and then choose which package & style suits them best.

Pop Up Weddings appeal to busy couples seeking an affordable way to marry without sacrificing quality or style. They are always chic, budget-friendly, and remarkably stress-free, although they offer less customisation.

Average total budget $15,000

Backyard or Community Hall Wedding – 60 – 100 people

If a large guest list is important to you, for our next blog we will share some incredible tricks and real life examples on how to create an epic wedding experience with everyone you love, without breaking the bank. Working on guest counts of 60-100 people. Feel free to get in touch today for a free consultation on how we might be able to help you achieve this!

Average total budget $20,000

Stay tuned!

Luxury Picnic for Less

Can you have the Luxury Picnic Experience with a  Large Guest Count?

Luxury Picnics aka Boho Picnics aka Pop up Picnics have been on trend for a good 4 years. By now, most of us have been invited to one, or at least marvelled at their beauty in a local park. Here in Brisbane, Queensland, we think they’re still one of the the best ways to enjoy our beautiful parks and backyards – affordable, comfortable and elegant. However, once you start getting over 40 guests, the per person cost for a set up complete with grazing, florals and individual place settings can start to add up.

At Heart Heart Events we like to offer options to suit any style of event and budget, and that’s why for Jasmine’s 30th we suggested a “scattered seating” style event with rugs, cushions, low tables and simple styling, plus stand alone self serve grazing and drink stations, in her unique “vintage style”. Not only does this save money but it can save space too! And everyone will still enjoy delicious grazing with a glassware to suit their drink choice, plus it invites lots more mingling than when you are all sat at a table. 

We’d love to help design your next special event with you – get in touch today!

A collage of grazing table and drink station at a backyard picnic

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